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He doesn’t missDraymond Green is a three-time NBA champion and a six-time first-team All-Defense selection, but his most elite skill on the court may be his trash talk.

Peyton and Eli Manning surely had to expect plenty of amusing discussion when they invited Phil Mickelson as their second quarter guest during ESPN's "ManningCast" broadcast during Monday

Earlier this season, former Giants quarterback Eli Manning infamously gave the double bird to a national audience during his, and his brother's, telecast of a Monday Night Football

ESPN's ManningCast has swept football fans off their feet with its comedy, in-depth game breakdown and, of course, its star-studded guest list. But a new development may keep

From a spectacular one-handed catch to just one catch, the free Odell movement looks more like a free fall to me.I understand why some would still believe OBJ

1. After casually using the word s--- three times during his appearance with Peyton and Eli Manning on their Monday Night Football MegaCast last night, former Seahawks running back

Marshawn Lynch was the first guest to join Peyton and Eli Manning during Monday Night Football as the Seahawks hosted the Saints, and the former Seattle running back

A Manning brother always repays his debts.Peyton and Eli Manning made their triumphant return to the air waves for Monday night's matchup between the Saints and Seahawks, and