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After beating the Cowboys in absurd, idiotic, utterly incomprehensible fashion—that’s a compliment—Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan are still alive, figuratively and, one presumes, literally, though after that game,

Here’s the strange thing about greatness: It is, all at once, inspiring, instructive, motivating and galvanizing. We can study it, learn from it, use it to better ourselves,

I’ll be sharing my lukewarm takeaways for this weekend’s games in the Sunday FreakOut: Wild-Card Edition. The following is the weekly Football Things preview column, coming to you

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Micah Hyde sat in deep center field as Mac Jones took the snap on a first-and-10 with a little more than five minutes remaining

Welcome to the Wild-Card Weekend edition of the Sunday FreakOut, where we react and overreact to everything that is happening in this weekend’s games, with live updates after

The past few seasons have brought to the NFL an eternal optimism that, even without a classic, archetypal franchise quarterback, some kind of player-friendly schematic breakthrough can mask

The Eagles weren’t trying to reinvent the coaching-search wheel in January 2021. If they’re being honest about it, more than anything, they were just scrambling to catch up.Doug

As the son of a coach, and a lifelong football devotee, Brian Ferentz figured he could handle every possible expectation that came with his new job as a

One of the most unpredictable seasons in recent memory has narrowed the field down to 14 teams and 13 games. Wild-card weekend has been spread out to include