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SI's Ashley Nicole Moss sits down with Justin Herbert to talk about the future of the Chargers, his oft-discussed hair, golf, and his partnership with MetaQuest 2 VR

Before the Super Bowl two years ago, 49ers scouts and coaches had “Mobile-to-Miami” T-shirts printed up—a slogan coined at a dinner at the previous January’s Senior Bowl in

SI Fantasy welcomes you to the NFL playoffs with the most in-depth rankings & stat projections available. Shawn Childs, a high-stakes legend and a fantasy Hall of Famer,

Welcome to the 2021 NFL postseason, or more specifically, the conference championship

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had a poor showing in Green Bay's 13-10 loss the the 49ers on Saturday. Another promising season ends in disappointment for the All-Pro

The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills put forth one of the best playoff games in NFL history. Despite being an instant classic, all the talk after the

Superlatives get thrown around pretty recklessly on the internet. Calling a game or play the “best ever” or “most amazing” is a good way to get readers to