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UFC Did Kevin Holland get lucky? Tv Channel

UFC Did Kevin Holland get lucky? Tv Channel

Even a full night after the middleweight co-headliner between Kyle Daukaus and Kevin Holland was deemed a no contest, there is still a inferno of online debate about whether it was a valid conclusion to a very unusual fight.

You’ve probably seen it many times by now. Holland (21-7 MMA, 7-4 UFC) was knocked out by Daukaus’ (10-2 MMA, 1-2 UFC) unintentional head butt before being submitted, only for the whole thing to be ruled a no contest because of a replay review. In theory, this was handled properly, but was it fair?

The armchair analysts are going to hound referee Dan Miragliotta for not jumping in to halt the action the moment Holland went down from the head butt. If that’d happened, he could have given Holland as much time as he needed to recover, consulted the replay to verify it was a foul, then restart the action if/when Holland was able to do so.

Is it realistic to expect Miragliotta to make that call, though? People significantly underestimate the difficulty of that. Things are moving at a lightning-quick speed in that octagon, and it would’ve been tricky for him to make that split-second call, especially given how fast Holland showed signs of life after getting dropped with the head butt.

Since Miragliotta wasn’t able to intervene at the moment of illegal contact, the debate shifts to whether it would’ve been right to accept how the rest of the fight played out. Daukaus simply fought to the best of his ability and went on to catch Holland in a choke that elicited the tap, yet now none of that counts.

Daukaus could easily throw a giant fit over this whole thing. He definitely got the short end of the stick in this scenario, but dealt with it respectfully. In many other jurisdictions Daukaus would’ve got his hand raised and it would’ve been on Holland to file an appeal, but not this time.

Ultimately, we want to see the ruled enforced. We haven’t had a situation quite like this happen before inside the octagon, so everyone involved was trying to find the right answers on the fly. It’s hard to put too much protest behind how it played out, but Holland should definitely feel fortunate he doesn’t have a third straight loss on his record.

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