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UFC Was Douglas Lima robbed at Bellator 267? Tv Channel

UFC Was Douglas Lima robbed at Bellator 267? Tv Channel

Wells: Page threw and landed more strikes in the opening two minutes of the second round, although none of it was really significant. Lima landed a kick to the planted leg as Page attempted to throw a right hand, resulting in Page falling to a knee. This almost created the same knockout scenario from their first fight, but Lima missed with the punch as Page evaded. After that, intermittent strikes were offered by both until Page charged forward with a quick combination that knocked Lima off his feet. Was this another off-balance knockdown? Probably, but after that, nothing else of note occurred. Based on Page’s activity and Lima not really doing much the entire round, I agree with the official judges here that it was a round to score for Page.

Wells’ score: 10-9 Page

Hannoun: Round 2 was also pretty difficult to score. Page was the busier striker, while Lima almost repeated the same fight-ending sequence in their first outing, when he dropped Page with a leg kick, but this time, MVP was able to move out of the way of the follow-up shot. With less than a minute remaining in the round, Page ran over Lima again with a right hand which sat him down, but the Brazilian appeared unfazed just like he was from the Round 1 shots that caught him off balance. Based off of that one significant moment and Page being the more active striker, I gave that round to him too.

Hannoun’s score: 10-9 Page

King: Both men landed some solid strikes in the opening minute. Evenness made it kind of a wash. Side note: Lima’s leg sweep-to-missed-uppercut was a wild sequence. If the rematch ended in the same, odd fashion as the first fight, that would be utterly bizarre. Anyway, Page landed more often in Round 2, it seemed as the two fighters engaged in a leg kick battle. Again, MVP clips an off-balance Lima, though that may have been the most solid punch of the fight. He definitely won this round.

King’s score: 10-9 Page

Official scores:
Cartlidge: 10-9 Page
Colon: 10-9 Page
Crosby: 10-9 Page

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