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UFC Why did Davey Grant get a 30-27 vs. Adrian Yanez? Tv Channel

UFC Why did Davey Grant get a 30-27 vs. Adrian Yanez? Tv Channel


Wells: When it went to the scorecards, I got the feeling the judges would be split. However, I was baffled by the 30-27 score turned in for Grant. To be fair, I would have been equally confused if there was a 30-27 for Yanez. All in all, this was a close fight. The first two rounds were competitive, but it was easier to identify who had the upper hand in those frames. If a judge scored the second and third for Grant, that would have been understandable, but giving him all three rounds is completely dismissing Yanez’s effective striking and damage throughout the contest. Neither man won every round in this fight. On a night filled with decisions, the 30-27 for Grant was the only card that stuck out like a sore thumb.

  • Wells’ overall score: 29-28 Yanez

King: I don’t see any controversy in who won this fight. The right man, Adrian Yanez, had his hand raised. The only head-scratcher here, is how one judge, Tony Weeks, gave all three rounds to Davey Grant. Sure, the third round was close. I don’t agree with that scoring, but it’s not as off-the-wall as Weeks’ decision to give Round 1 to Grant. The significant, damaging moment in that round was very clear. Yanez hurt Grant badly. I have no idea what he was watching. But I guess that’s why they have three judges. Yanez was not robbed, but future generations who see the result but did not actually watch the fight will think this “split” was closer than it was. Oh well.

  • Kings’ overall score: 29-28 Yanez

Segura: I can see someone scoring it 30-27, Yanez. I don’t agree with the scorecard, but it’s not insane to see all three rounds go to Yanez. I do think it’s quite off to judge the fight 30-27 Grant. I can see someone have it 29-28, Grant, awarding him the final two rounds. That’s not too off, either.  However, 30-27, Grant is wild to me. The clearest round of the fight was the first and that was all Yanez. Like Nolan said, at the end of the day, the right man won, so you can’t be too upset at the decision.

  • Segura’s overall score: 29-28 Yanez

Official decision: Adrian Yanez def. Davey Grant via split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

Official individual scores:
Colon: 29-28 Yanez
Kamijo: 29-28 Yanez
Weeks: 30-27 Grant


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